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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
<meta charset="UTF-8" />
<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0" />
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="./common.css" />
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="./index.css" />
<div class="page flex-col">
<div class="outer1 flex-col">
<div class="Header flex-col">
<div class="mod1 flex-col">
<div class="box1 flex-row">
<span class="word1">9:41</span>
<div class="mod2 flex-col"></div>
<div class="mod3 flex-col"></div>
<div class="mod4 flex-col"></div>
<div class="Body flex-col">
<div class="bd1 flex-col">
<div class="box2 flex-row justify-between">
<div class="Tabs9 flex-col justify-between">
<div class="layer1 flex-row justify-between">
<span class="txt1">探索</span>
<span class="info1">冥想</span>
<span class="info2">睡眠</span>
<div class="layer2 flex-row">
<div class="bd2 flex-col"></div>
<div class="SingleAvatar93 flex-col"></div>
<div class="Search21 flex-col justify-center">
<div class="main1 flex-row justify-between">
<div class="block1 flex-col"></div>
<span class="info3">想听些什么呢?</span>
<div class="box3 flex-col">
<div class="block2 flex-col">
<div class="group1 flex-col justify-between">
<div class="TextGroup483 flex-col justify-between">
<span class="info4">人间松弛指南</span>
<span class="word2">融进自己的精神世界</span>
<div class="main2 flex-row justify-between">
<div class="box4 flex-col"></div>
<div class="box5 flex-col"></div>
<div class="box6 flex-col">
<div class="box7 flex-row">
<div class="layer3 flex-col"></div>
<span class="word3">听声日贴</span>
<div class="Tag152 flex-col"><span class="txt2">NEW</span></div>
<div class="layer4 flex-col"></div>
<div class="box8 flex-col">
<div class="layer5 flex-col">
<div class="group2 flex-col">
<span class="txt3">10</span>
<span class="txt4">我来到这个世上,是为了认识太阳和高天的蓝</span>
<div class="box9 flex-col align-center">
<div class="outer2 flex-col justify-between">
<div class="main3 flex-row justify-between">
<div class="layer6 flex-col justify-between">
<div class="bd3 flex-row justify-between">
<span class="info5">精选冥想</span>
<div class="Rate4 flex-col"></div>
<span class="word4">帮助专注、放松、入眠的冥想练习</span>
<button class="Button229 flex-col justify-center">
<span class="info6">查看全部</span>
<div class="main4 flex-row">
<div class="group3-0 flex-col">
<div class="outer3-0 flex-col justify-between">
<div class="outer4-0 flex-col"></div>
<span class="word5-0">差旅</span>
<div class="group3-1 flex-col">
<div class="outer3-1 flex-col justify-between">
<div class="outer4-1 flex-col"></div>
<span class="word5-1">专注</span>
<div class="group3-2 flex-col">
<div class="outer3-2 flex-col justify-between">
<div class="outer4-2 flex-col"></div>
<span class="word5-2">晚安</span>
<div class="bd4 flex-col">
<div class="TextGroup484 flex-col justify-between">
<span class="info7">冥想入门指南</span>
<span class="word6">18个常见新手疑问</span>
<div class="bd5 flex-col"></div>
<div class="Footer flex-col">
<div class="main5 flex-col justify-between">
<div class="wrap1 flex-row">
<div class="mod5 flex-col"></div>
<div class="mod6 flex-col"></div>
<div class="mod7 flex-col"></div>
<div class="wrap2 flex-row">
<span class="word7">首页</span> <span class="word8">发现</span>
<span class="info8">课程</span> <span class="word9">我的</span>
<div class="main6 flex-col"></div>

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